Sample Training Topics

Management Fundamentals: This 2-hour training covers the interpersonal fundamentals of managing others. The training focuses on concepts and skills that help create a greater sense of intrinsic motivation among employees/group members as well as strategies for developing and maintaining high standards. This training is appropriate for employees new to a managerial role as well as more experienced managers looking to formalize and improve their approach to managing others.

Handling Difficult Employee Situations: This training provides a 3-step process to handle difficult situations that may arise between employees or between a manager and an employee. Training topics focus on communication skills, ways to de-escalate emotionally charged interactions and interpersonal problem-solving skills.

Fundamentals of Motivation: This training focuses on the basics of creating a work environment that will help promote motivation among employees. Training material examines the use of both extrinsic and intrinsic motivational concepts, the importance of identifying and meeting individual employee’s values and needs as well as using employee strengths.

Effective Employee Evaluations: This training focuses on strategies for making your evaluation meetings more effective for both managers and employees by helping managers examine their evaluation processes and what they want their employees to get out of their evaluations. Points of emphasis include concepts for making evaluations a collaborative effort, strategies for creating growth goals and strategies for providing consistent feedback that is more likely to be acted on by employees.

Charting Your Organization’s Course: This training focuses on identifying core values and the over-arching purpose for your organization’s work as well as developing a vision statement that maps out where your organization is headed long-term. This training usually involves the leadership group of the organization working to explore these vital components for short-term and long-term organizational success.

Performance Strategies for Effective Professional Teams: This training is designed to give all your team members, not just managers, an introduction to some of the communication and perspective taking strategies that are at the core of the Head First approach. This training was designed in response to client requests for their front-line employees to have access to some of the same skills and concepts that managers are being exposed to. When all employees have background knowledge in the Head First approach, the manager's job becomes much easier.