History and Mission:

Head First was founded in 2014 by Brad Hofmann. Brad set out with the core purpose of using his background in leadership and psychology to help individuals and groups reach their full potential. It had become apparent to him that many intelligent people lacked an understanding of the fundamental interpersonal and organizational concepts necessary to lead and manage others, not because they lacked ability but rather because they had not been taught the basics of how to move others. He saw leaders and managers in various positions working hard but not realizing the full potential of their efforts. Some people were even avoiding certain managerial duties because those duties were painful or not yielding good results. To help people streamline their efforts for maximal output, Brad developed a curriculum that teaches the fundamentals of interpersonal dynamics and performance  to clients in a variety of fields.

Head First assists organizational leaders in the process of developing a culture that increases motivation, teamwork and effectiveness. The Head First training approach is based on active learning and focuses on where training concepts can be incorporated day-to-day. Coaching and training sessions are tailored to meet the individual needs of the clients, whether they are at a Fortune 500 company, managing a small group of employees at a start-up, or leading others in a non-business setting.