Why Head First?

  • Unlike many trainings in the area of performance improvement whose main benefit is a short-term shot of motivation and energy, Head First trainings provide nuts and bolts skills and strategies that can help your team develop a strong performance culture.
  • Head First trainings provide strategies that can be implemented immediately. In addition, Head First can help you through the process of developing a strong performance culture by offering series of trainings and workshops.  Often, Brad works with clients over time to help them implement the specific knowledge and skills they gain from his trainings.  This eliminates the all too common training scenario where team members fail to fully put the knowledge they’ve acquired into action.
  • Head First trainings are tailored to meet the individual needs of clients.  Although there are common threads that run through most trainings, it is standard to have a pre-training consultation to assess client needs.  Trainings can then be structured so that clients get maximal value out of their time and efforts.
  • Head First trainings have been well received by a wide range of audiences. Whether working with teachers, bus drivers, insurance salespeople, engineering students or athletes, Brad has the ability to connect with trainees in a way that they value and respect.
  • Head First trainings are user friendly and designed for practical application.