As a student, athlete, coach and professional Brad has always been fascinated by what helps performers consistently obtain their best results.  What enables high level performers to obtain great results while others with comparable natural ability struggle or obtain success inconsistently?  As parents, teachers, coaches and bosses, we all want to get the best performances consistently out of those our children, students, players and employees.  And, although many performers will tell you that their mental approach to performance is a vital factor in getting successful results, how many individuals in supervisory roles really understand the mental underpinnings that dictate performance?

For over 20 years, Brad has worked with individuals to improve performance.  The more time he spent on this, the more evident it has become that the mental approach to performance is a critical factor determining whether individuals meet their potential.  Whether in academic, athletic or professional settings, Brad noticed that even good performers could improve by developing their mental approach.  He found that very few individuals had a strong, formalized mental approach to help them consistently achieve their best results.  If performers had specific goals, rarely were they effective and well written.  When asked about attitude, most individuals could not identify why his or her attitude was good or bad and as a result they lacked the self-awareness and tools to improve their attitude.  In addition, most performers did not have or formally utilize any specific techniques to deal with pressure in big moments or stressful situations. Further, Brad saw how it was devastating failure was for many people.

              This experience set Brad on a course to devise trainings to help people develop their own formalized mental approach to performance in order to give themselves the best chance for consistent, fulfilling success.  These trainings help clients improve on the mental skills they are already using informally, while also opening their eyes to a variety of concepts and strategies that enhance both individual and group performance.  While Brad tailors each training to meet the specific needs of his clients, there are some basic topics that are included in most trainings.  Among these key topics are the nuts and bolts skills of developing a winning attitude that will make successful results more likely.  Brad goes beyond the usual advice of keeping your chin up and a smile on your face by providing specific instruction on how to focus your thinking and utilize strategies to develop a productive, winning attitude.  Likewise, Brad often spends time with clients on goal-setting to help them move beyond the usual outcome-type goals, which are insufficient and, when used incorrectly, can actually stifle motivation and performance.  Brad's trainings also involve work on specific strategies to deal with fear of failure and to improve performance in pressure situations.  Depending on the arena, Brad can delve into a number of other concepts, strategies and skills that are useful for enhancing performance.  As his clients attest, the knowledge gained in these trainings is a difference maker.